Kojensi 2.1.8 Release Notes

There are a number new features, improvements, and bug fixes in this release.

Homespace Files

The security and sharing settings will now be extended to files that are uploaded or created in My Files in Homespace. For any existing files, the security classification will be set to unclassified as all files must have a classification as the bare minimum. The three security settings available for files in My files will be Security Classification, IMM's and Releasability. All other options will be available once you chose to move a file to a Workspace. 


When a Local Administrator attempts to changes a users system role, that owns Workspaces or Files, they will not be able to downgrade a user to a Guest User and a error message will displays “The user role cannot be changed to Guest User, as they own files and/or Workspaces. All files and Workspaces must be transferred prior to being able to downgrade the users role. 

Security and Sharing Settings 

Only the File Owner can edit the Org Access settings, for all other users Org Access will be Read Only. 

File/ Folder Export

When exporting a Folder of files via the 3 dot menu a message will display - “Some files in the selected folder(s) may not be exported, due to security settings and or download being restricted. Contact file owner to request access.” Files that are restricted from being exported are files marked as No Download and files that the user is not authorised to access, all other files will export.