Kojensi V2 Release Notes (public)

Insights into the key features of Kojensi Version 2 release.

Security Change

  • Password expiry has increased from 30 days to 45 days in line with ISM guidelines

Added functionality in the Local Admin Portal

  • Transfer ownership of orphaned Workspaces.
  • Notification when suspending a user account to let you know if you are orphaning files and Workspaces.
  • Bulk actions for managing users, single click to suspend, activate, etc.
  • Ability to capture dual nationalities.
  • Improved reporting capability that on users under your subscription - Account type, Status, etc.
  • Ability to specify a security model by sub organisation.
  • Announcements capability allowing the communication to your kojensi community directly via Kojensi portal. 
  • Local Admins can view all Workspaces across your Kojensi subscription, including those created by your sub organisations.  
  • The ability to set default settings for Workspaces security and sharing requirements. 

Kojensi Workspace Portal

  • Pin your 5 favorite Workspaces. 
  • Set you own Notification alert frequency and management.
  • Visibility of members Active, Inactive, and Invited lists in your workspace.
  • Management of Inactive members content ownership. 
  • Search settings are now Sticky.
  • Persistent view settings for individuals Workspaces page preferences.
  • File version rollback (no download required). 
  • Bulk update file security settings.
  • New Secure file viewer, allowing you to securely view more file types from within the browser. ((TXT, .CSV, .PDF*, .ASPX, .HTM, .HTML, CAD, (.dgn, .dwf, .dwfx, .dwg, .dwt, .dxf, .ifc, .iges, .plt, .stl, .cff2), .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .bmp)).

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