Kojensi Version 2.1.3 Release Notes

There are a number of improvements, bug fixes and new functionality coming out in this release.

Changes for Kojensi Users

Secure Reader  - emails 

Users will now be able to upload and read emails via the secure reader.

Secure Reader - zoom

Fixed the zoom function to stop it resetting between pages. 

Request to join a discoverable Workspace 

Users will be able to request membership to a discoverable Workspace in the Not a Member Of list of Workspaces.

Privacy Policy 

The archTIS privacy policy has been updated to accurately reflect new changes to how archTIS handle your information.  

Changes for Local Administrators

Warning Pop Up - Exceeding your Kojensi subscription

You will now receive a warning message that you are about to exceed your Kojensi subscription and have the choice to accept or decline. By accepting, you are acknowledging that your organisation will be invoiced for a 10 licence pack for 12 months upfront as per the SaaS agreement.   

Dashboard statistics - Subscription Overview

Your purchase plan will show your total number of Kojensi licences your organisation has currently purchased. 

Notifications when stopping collaboration

When you stop collaborating with another organisation, the other organisations Local Administrators will receive a notification to alert them that the collaboration agreement has ceased. 

A number of bug fixes were also implemented.