What to do when the Workspace Owner is not available.

Workspaces ownership is singular. When a Workspace owner is unavailable , either having left the organisation or gone on leave, the Local Administrators has the ability to transfer ownership to another Workspace member who meets the security rules.


  1. Log on as a Local Administrator to Adminspace
  2. If the Workspace owner still has an active account find the Workspace Owner's user account (either they are under your Users tab as part of your organisation's users OR they are from one of your Sub Organisations under the Collaborators tab).
  3. Suspend the absent Workspace Owner's Kojensi account via the 3 dot menu. This will cause the Workspace to become orphaned and give you the ability to transfer ownership of the Workspace. The drop down list will only show other Workspace members that meets the security rules; (must already be a member of the Workspace, be from the same organisation and have an active Kojensi account). This new owner can then take over the Workspace responsibilities. 
  4. Next click on the Workspaces tab and then click on the Orphan Workspaces tab.Workspace tab
  5. Find the specific Workspace for which you wish to transfer ownership. 
  6. Click on the 3 dot menu against the name of the Workspace.Orphan workspaces
  7. Click Transfer Ownership and a pop up window will appear. transfer orphan workspace
  8. Select a user from the Assign Ownership drop down menu. If no option appears, that is due to no one meeting the security rules of the Workspace.
  9. Select an Approver. This is optional.
  10. Write a message in the Reason text box. The recipient will see this message in their notification message. 
  11. Click on the green Transfer Ownership button to finalise. 
  12. The person you have assigned ownership to will need to accept the request from their notification panel in Kojensi to finalise the transfer. 
  13. If the original owner returns, the new owner can transfer ownership via the Settings tab of the Workspace back to the original owner if required, or you can repeat the above steps if the new owner is not available to do so. 

NOTE: A Workspace can only be transferred to another Workspace member who;

  • Is already a member of the Workspace
  • Is from the same Organisation
  • Holds a systems role of either Workspace Creator OR General user
  • Must hold a Workspace role of Contributor
  • And has an active Kojensi account. 

Kojensi ensures that the drop down menu only shows people that meet these rules.