How to reset your Kojensi account

When resetting your Kojensi account you will have to reset your password, two-factor authenticator & security questions.

If you have never logged onto Kojensi successfully, then please go to the following article. These instructions are for users who have already logged on to Kojensi previously. 

Steps for resetting your Kojensi account and two-factor authenticator.

  1. Open the Resetting your account email from your Kojensi administrator.
  2. Click on the link provided to Reset my Accountreset account
  3. Enter a valid password twice, paying special attention to the restricted characters.password criteria
  4. Click the Continue button
  5. You are now taken to the Register For a One Time Passcode screen with a ‘Quick Response’ QR Code on it. Do not click on the Register button!QR code 2
  6. Download the Oracle Mobile Authenticator (OMA) app on your chosen device, open the application and click on the + sign to create a new account, scan the QR code from Kojensi. Note - If using the app on your desktop - Print out the QR code and scan with your computer camera.
  7. The Oracle Authenticator App will now require you to enter the user name (your email address) & password that you just created in the Kojensi Portal   (You must enter this exactly as you entered it in Kojensi, as a small typo will say that it has failed).Creating a new account in OMA
  8. The OMA will ask if you wish to create a new account or overwrite your account, select overwrite. 
  9. Click on the green Register button in Kojensi to finish connecting the app to your Kojensi account.
  10. Click on the Login button and enter your username and password and click on the green Login button
  11. Open the OMA app, and enter the 6 digit code from the app into Kojensi and select Verify
  12. Lastly, reset your security questions and then click on Continue to questions
  13. Once this is complete you will arrive in your Homespace and can continue using Kojensi. 

    NOTE: If you skip the QR code step, you will need to contact your local administrator to resend the account reset email and start again.